beccapuke (beccapuke) wrote in save_the_vhs,

Finally a haven where we can escape the DVD madness

This guerilla campaign has been a long time coming. Hats off to ya Vez.
Name//:Becca Puke
Favourite Film//:A Clockwork Orange (the original video nasty)
First VHS Memory//:Watership Down
Number of VHSs//:Bloody hundreds + hundreds
Number of DVDs//:Shamefully 8, but only 5 were bought by me, + of these only 1 was over £6. None of my DVD titles are available on the sacred VHS format.
Last VHS purchased, and date of purchase//:This Is Video Clash, from a charity shop last month.
The lengths you'll go to in order to save the precious VHS//:Carrying around DVD damaging magnet/devices in my pocket in rental/entertainment shops. Selling poor quality DVDs on Ebay to put people off, + using the money raised to fund high quality VHS releases.
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