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Figured I should fill out the form. I am, after all, the community creator. Also, no one else has posted, with the exception of Spit [darkness_dawns] and I made her post. She didn't even join. Bitch.

Name//: Vez. Yoghurt [and many other synonyms for Yoghurt, incl. Probiotic Snack and Churned Cow breast Juice. It's a long story].
Age//: 14
Favourite Film//: RHPS, Fight Club, Monty Python.
First VHS Memory//: Old Bear, recorded from the TV; Robin Hood - the cartoon version, with the foxes etc.
Number of VHSs//: Oh, hundreds. I won't bother counting those in my room, as there are many others around the house.
Number of DVDs//: I'm ashamed to admit that I have one Vicar of Dibley DVD, but it was given to me, and I don't even have a DVD player. Duh. Needless to say, I've never used it. That would be heracy...
Last VHS purchased, and date of purchase//: RHPS - Xmas.
The lengths you'll go to in order to save the precious VHS//: If money were no object, I would buy out HMV/Blockbuster, so that they realised the true demand for VHSs. If arson weren't a crime, I would burn DVD warehouses [without the people in, of course].
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