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The VHS Is Dying Out

Save it and your memories

Campaign to preserve our beloved VHS
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What with the invention of DVD recorders, the VHS is now more threatened than ever. VHS recorders are slowly disappearing from the market, and are soon to be gone. It is now impossible to buy many films in VHS format. It's not just a case of the money and inconvenience of buying a DVD player - what about tradition, vintage and memories? It's heartbreaking enough that vinyls and tapes are practically obsolete - it kills me than VHSs are going the same way. Save The VHS.

Membership requirements: dedication to the preservation the VHS. Hostility towards the DVD.

Please fill out the form upon joining, in a new post + under a cut [see FAQ for help]. Don't worry, it's just a bit of fun, to make an intro.

Favourite Film//:
First VHS Memory//:
Number of VHSs//:
Number of DVDs//:
Last VHS purchased, and date of purchase//:
The lengths you'll go to in order to save the precious VHS//: